Why Update a Bathroom in Cudahy, CA? Repair Water Damage, Increase Home Value & More

Are you living in an older home with an outdated bathroom? With older homes comes future projects and a bathroom that is often in need of remodeling. Some they may not realize that their bathrooms are severely outdated and need a major make over. There are a number of reasons to update and remodel a bathroom and not just out of desire. Prestige Construction & Design will share why an outdated bathroom needs to be remodeled and what features should be the focus to enhance your bathroom.

Bathroom Water Damage Repair

As homes age, minor and even major damage can occur until finally some areas become unusable. When plumbing leaks, walls warp and get damaged and develop mold, it can become hazardous and then the bathroom becomes off limits. At this point it is time to do some repairs. When walls need to come down, it is a perfect opportunity to update tile, sinks, and even plumbing. Depending on the damage that may have occurred it is important to repair them.

Uses & Function of Bathroom

Older bathrooms are often not the most functional especially small bathrooms where everything feels tight and crowded. Remodeling a bathroom can provide many opportunities, including providing more space and function to a bathroom. For example you can take out a bathtub and put in a corner shower to give more space. More space can provide more storage or simply more room to maneuver. When it comes to the elderly, remodeling a bathroom can become important to help keep them safer and provide better access especially if they are in a wheelchair.

Remodeling a Bathroom Adds Home Value

Old faucets, toilets and even flooring can reduce the value of a home. When remodeling a bathroom, install modern water efficient faucets, shower heads and toilets. This can increase the value. Taking out the linoleum and putting tile floor can greatly boost value. The same can be said for siding and counter tops or vanities. There are even better light fixtures that save energy and boost the appeal in a bathroom. This also adds value to the home. Remodeling is a perfect time to add value to a home and improve daily use.

Bathroom Aesthetics

When you remodel any part of the home your main focus should be improving function and improve your daily living. However, also make sure you love the way everything looks. Old outdated bathrooms have a number of scars that can’t be removed, cleaned, or hidden. Chipped tile, corroded faucets and drains simply look awful. When a bathroom is full of scars, remodeling can help revive the bathroom’s appearance and make the time spent in them far more pleasant.

Bathroom Focus

When you remodel, your first focus should be what’s behind the walls and not so much on the outside yet. Make sure that all electrical and plumbing is in good condition and doesn’t require replacement or repair. Next, check the integrity of the support and framing to make sure there is no water damage or mold that has weakened the wood. Replace the walls if needed and repaint. It is recommended you have half or full tile walls to help protect the wall from water damage. Make sure to replace toilets and faucets with water friendly or low flow fixtures.

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