Top Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas in Hawthorne, CA; Low Maintenance, Best Lighting & More

When you begin looking around your home you may feel it is time for some updating. Often remodels begin in the kitchen or bathrooms. When you put your focus on your home’s bathrooms you will want to keep three essential ideas in mind. One is low maintenance, two is energy efficiency, and three is good lighting. Prestige Construction & Design will share how these three concepts can help enhance your bathrooms and your everyday living.

Low Maintenance Bathtub Surround & Bathroom

When you think of low maintenance you will want items that are durable as well as easy to clean and repair. Some examples may be installing Quartz counter tops that do well in humid environments. Never use marble in a bathroom. It erodes easily and will require constant maintenance such as sealing and refinishing. Another option is installing quality faucets that reduce water waste and are resistant to hard water build up. Avoid cheap faucets as they won’t last. Another consideration for shower doors are those with anti-spotting that are protect with a water resistant coat. Similarly, choose low maintenance tile surfaces for your bathtub surround if applicable. Consider installing floating vanities for extra storage, easier clean up, and for a stylish look. When you begin remodeling your bathroom consider how to make maintenance and cleaning easier on you.

Energy Efficient Bathroom Appliances & Fixtures

Energy efficiency isn’t just to help the environment but your wallet as well. Energy efficiency in a bathroom comes in many forms. When remodeling consider installing a tankless water heating system that only heats water as it is needed, versus a tank water heater that continually heats and maintains hot water. As mentioned before consider installing low faucets and toilets to reduce water waste which can help you save money on your water bill. Install LED light fixtures which can also help reduce power consumption. Insulate the windows in bathrooms and even consider installing a radiant flooring heating system which helps insulate the home. When investing in energy efficient bathroom features, it can help save the home owner more money. As you can see, there are many ways to be more energy efficient. When remodeling your bathroom learn about all the different ways you can save energy and money.

Best Bathroom Lighting

Most bathrooms suffer from poor lighting. When remodeling your bathroom seek out ways to increase your bathroom’s light. There are a few ways to get more light without installing more fixture or using intense bulbs. Skylights or sun tunnels are a great way to bring the light of the sun into your home during the day. This cuts back on power usage during the day. You can also consider replacing or adding a bigger bathroom window. Another trick that can help brighten a bathroom is to use reflective surfaces such as lighter color walls, countertops and floor. There are many ways to add more light to a bathroom that will keep it soft on the eyes.

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A bathroom is used every day, so consider applying these three tips during your next bathroom remodel. With each remodel you enhance your home as well as its value and your everyday life. When seeking a professional remodeling contractor, contact Prestige Construction & Design. We provide quality remodeling and design services.