Room Addition or Bump Out; Is it Better to Add a Second Story or Build Out in Glendora, CA

Many people are faced with an all too well known conundrum after they’ve purchased a home. Eventually they run out of space! It may be simple for some to pack up and move on to a bigger home, for others, there is an attachment and a love for the home they are in and they simply don’t want to leave. So, what’s the best option for a growing family such as this? A home addition can keep you in your home and save you the trouble of moving. There is more than one way to add additional square footage to your home and Anytime Remodeling can help you decide which option is right for your home! Prestige Construction & Design is here today to break down the different home addition options available to you, to accommodate your growing family.

Building Out

If you have the extra yard space to sacrifice for a room addition, this may be the perfect option for you to add some additional square footage and living space. Building out disrupts the existing space less than a second or third floor addition would. You can also stay in the home while renovations are being made. This is the most popular choice for increasing a home’s square footage. To achieve a room addition, your contractor will need to install a new slab or foundation where the room will sit, then they will build the walls and roof for the new addition. Lastly, they will open the existing exterior wall to join the new and old spaces. This process is minimally invasive and allows you to stay in the home while the construction is happening. The down side to building out, is that you will be losing yard space which is needed for most growing families and you’re likely going to need additional zoning and building permits for the construction.

Adding a Second Story to an Existing House

For home’s that don’t have the extra yard space needed, or for those that don’t want to compromise the existing yard they have, adding a second or third floor may be a more viable option. This way you can add the square footage needed for your home while keeping your yard space as is! There will need to be safety measures taken in order to achieve an additional story including; beefing up the foundation and support structure in the walls of the home to support the additional weight being added. The easiest way to add space above ground floor is to incorporate the room above the garage, porch, or sunroom. The downside to adding a second story is that your contractor will more than likely have to tear apart walls and ceilings to incorporate the second story, making it difficult to stay in the home during construction. It may also end up being more-pricey than a first-floor addition would and you will have to give up square footage within the home for stairs. Building over the garage gives you the option of placing the stairs in the garage, so you can leave the rest of the home’s footprint as is without compromising any additional square footage.

Bathroom, Kitchen or Other Cantilever Bump Out

If you need more space, but you’re not looking for additional room space, a bump out is a simple option that typically does not require a new foundation or roof. A bump out can extend a room outwards 3 feet and can be 10-15 feet long. This is a perfect option for adding much needed kitchen or bathroom space for an eat-in area or separate tub/shower bath remodel.

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