Make Home Look Bigger with an Open Concept Kitchen & Living Room Floor Plan in Hermosa Beach, CA

So you can use your main living areas more effectively, an open concept kitchen literally offers more space, smoother foot traffic, and an easier time to gather. Open concept kitchens are not for everyone, but there are quite a few people who find them beneficial and opt to remodel their kitchen in a like manner. According to research polls, more people around the globe prefer the benefits of an open-concept kitchen. With this in mind, we at Prestige Construction & Design would like to relate the benefits of an open-concept kitchen for those that think this might be the design for their kitchen remodel.

Open Concept Kitchen Design

In the kitchen and surrounding areas, there is a lack of barriers, which is the reference of an open concept kitchen. Often collectively called the great room, this typically involves the dining room and living room. A traditional home layout separates each room distinctly with walls and barriers in comparison and it began to trend in the 90’s and continues to be popular in new home designs and remodeling plans.

Make a Room Look Bigger with Open Concept Layout

One of the biggest benefits is how much bigger the interior of the home looks. The space feels bigger and more easily accessible without walls blocking your line of sight. For small spaces that seem too cramped, an open-concept kitchen is a beautiful solution. The traffic flow is less crowded, and people are less likely to bump into walls as homeowners shuffle from room to room.

People in Open Concept Homes are Closer

People are brought together with open concept kitchens and with a barrier free great room, many activities can occur at the same time if necessary, such as food prep, homework, games, and chatting. Everyone is brought right to the center of where everything happens, and the kitchen is the heart of the home and where everyone entertains with a homey feel. The open-concept kitchen is great at facilitating human connection, whether you entertain or just want to keep the family close at hand.

Coordinating Lighting in Open Floor Plan

Open concept kitchens can also create a brighter space with more natural light, without walls blocking light from windows in other room. They also add a significant value to your home as the open-concept kitchens are so popular. There are many additional benefits for different homeowners. But with the open-concept kitchen remodeling, you can have an assortment of features, from cabinets, islands, new appliances, and a floor replacement. With the many colors, shapes, textures, and other visually striking effects, it can make the open-concept kitchen a customized style in your home. With lighting designs and fixtures, the open-concept kitchen can be what completes the remodel as you transform your home into your dream home.

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