Family Room Addition Ideas in Glendale, CA; Kitchen Bump Out, Sunroom, Bathroom Spa & More

Sometimes homeowners decide to add a room to their home when their family starts to grow. Other homeowners want an addition to fit their hobbies or lifestyles. Adding a room to your home is almost always a smart improvement because it can add value to your home. However, it needs to be done the right way to get that increased value. To make sure this happens you need to hire a licensed and experienced professional like Prestige Construction & Design.

Additional Bedroom & Other Room Addition Ideas

1. Ultimate Game Room Home Addition. On days when the weather doesn’t allow you to send the kids outside a game room is a great room to have. Depending on the size of the room you can put a pool table in it, a computer station, video games, a wall with board games and some big comfortable chairs. You will want to make sure the room have enough outlets to support games and phones.
2. Hobby Room Home Addition. This room can hold all the equipment you need for the hobby that interests you most. You may need extra power, a large carpet for comfort or a windowless area to use as a dark room. Try and make sure you don’t make it too specific to your hobby or you might have a hard time selling your home in the future. Make the room as flexible as possible for future homebuyers.
3. Sunroom Addition. A sunroom is created with glass, wood and standard drywall. These rooms usually look like a normal room with more windows. The level of insulation will determine how many months out of the year you can use the room. Some sunrooms can be as functional as any other room in the home if its insulated correctly.
4. Enclosed Mudroom Entryway or Back of House Addition. Mudrooms are great rooms to store messy shoes, coats, umbrellas etc. so the outside messes can stay out of your home. Mudrooms are usually attached to the door at the back of the house or the front of the house. Mudrooms should have lots of storage space. Consider a bench with a lid for added storage space. These rooms can even have a sink in them to wash up before coming inside.
5. Spa Bathroom Addition Design. A spa room is sophisticated and luxurious bathroom. The features of the room will be different depending on what the homeowner wants. The room can contain a hot tub or a massage table, it can have a steam shower or even a meditation area. Talking to your contractor will help you design the room around your wants and needs.
6. Kitchen Bump Out Breakfast Nook. Many homeowners discover that their kitchens are not really designed to be eat-in. If you need more room in your kitchen you can expand the walls and create a breakfast nook. It’s a cost-effective and simple way to create that eat-in kitchen you are looking for.

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Take your time when you’re thinking about a room addition. Think about the function of the room where you want it installed and your budget. The professionals at Prestige Construction & Design can help you through the entire process. Give us a call today!